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Twist Necklaces


Necklaces made from glass beads, pearls or stone beads attached to wire. Sculptural effect is obtained by twisting the wire together with the bead.



Glass beads are twisted onto wire to shape these lacy glass kippot. The center is shaped as a star of David. The kippah includes a clear plastic comb, which tightly grips the hair for a secure attachment to the head. Custom kippot can be ordered in colors to match your tallit or in your favorite color combination.

Knitted Bead Bracelets


Bracelets are knitted from metallic or other thread and a variety of glass beads. Very soft and comfortable to wear. A focal bead or charm is used to fasten the bracelet securely.

Glass Lace


Necklaces and bracelets are made with glass beads or pearls by twisting them on a wire to form open lacy designs. These designs were inspired by the look of an antique necklace, and the items have a vintage look.



A hand made lampwork bead forms the focus of these pendant necklaces. The bead is presented in a combination of colors and shapes that complement and enhance its appeal. Length of the necklace can be adjusted.



Glass beads are stitched together to form shapes and patterns

Knit Pendant Necklace


Seed beads are knitted on tapestry or nylon thread to form a patterned pendant. The pendant is embellished with fringes and attached to a necklace made of the same seed beads.


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Funky Stars from Fused Glass


Hand-cut glass was combined and fused to make star shapes. Each star contains dichoric glass to add texture and sparkle. Stars are strung on Czech glass bead necklaces.


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Knitted Beaded BraceletBracelets knitted with beads and metallic tapestry, metal or other thread.
Knitted pendant necklace

The art pieces pictured are samples. Each piece is made individually and no two are alike.
For details about the actual pieces available for purchase please contact us.