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"Leaving" Series


Natural leaf imprints are used in the paintings



Drawn portraits transferred onto patterns using photo transfer

"Motion Pictures" Series


This series of paintings attempts to convey the motions of dancing. The images are based on movements of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers captured from video.

"Fractured Images" Series


Images are fractured into various shapes, while intermixing background and foreground forms



Abstract paintings using monotype techniques

"Just Folks" Series


"iCons" Series


This series shows that old religious and cultural icons and the new electronic icons (iPhone, iPads and their use of pictorial icons) can coexist. We don't have to give up the traditional to embrace the new, even if the combinations sometimes seem a bit comical.


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The art pieces pictured are samples. Each piece is made individually and no two are alike.
For details about the actual pieces available for purchase please contact us.